Artículo de Revision

Reparación Mitral Percutánea con MitraClip en Pacientes con Insuficiencia Mitral Funcional: Análisis de los estudios MITRA-FR y COAPT

Dr. Xavier Freixa

Instituto Cardiovascular Clinic, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, España España , Barcelona

Reparación Mitral Percutánea con MitraClip™ en Pacientes con Insuficiencia Mitral Funcional: Análisis de los resultados aparentemente contradictorios de los estudios MITRA-FR y COAPT.

En medicina, pocas veces se da la circunstancia de disponer de dos artículos publicados en el mismo período de tiempo con resultados aparentemente contradictorios entre sí. Este hecho aconteció entre Agosto y Setiembre de 2018 con los estudios MITRA-FR 1 y COAPT 2. Ambos estudios evaluaban a pacientes con insuficiencia mitral funcional severa y comparaban el tratamiento médico óptimo con o sin reparación mitral percutánea con el sistema MitraClip™. El estudio MITRA-FR se presentó en el ESC de Munich en Agosto de 2018 y provocó cierta decepción al no demostrar diferencias en cuanto a reingresos por insuficiencia cardíaca o mortalidad a los 12 meses entre grupos. Este estado de decepción y, en cierta manera, incredulidad, tan solo duró 2 meses. A finales de Setiembre de 2018, el Professor Greg Stone presentó los resultados del estudio COAPT en el TCT de San Diego. Los resultados de este estudio demostraron una reducción de los ingresos por insuficiencia cardíaca y mortalidad en pacientes con insuficiencia mitral funcional a los 24 meses.


Ambos estudios fueron publicados en la prestigiosa revista New England Journal of Medicine, pero, ¿cuáles son las claves que permiten entender las diferencias entre los estudios?. En la tabla 1 se pueden observar las principales diferencias entre ambos. En resumen, los pacientes tratados en COAPT tenían una menor dilatación del ventrículo izquierdo y un mayor grado de insuficiencia mitral (ERO). En otras palabras, eran pacientes menos evolucionados y en los que la insuficiencia mitral jugaba un papel más importante en los síntomas. Además de reclutar al doble de pacientes (304 en MITRA-FR vs. 614 en COAPT), los resultados técnicos del procedimiento, también fueron mejores en la población COAPT al tener un menor porcentaje de insuficiencia mitral severa post-clip y una menor tasa de complicaciones del procedimiento.


Finalmente, otras de las claves para explicar los resultados son las diferencias en el seguimiento de los pacientes. Mientras que en MITRA-FR el seguimiento era de 12 meses, en COAPT fue de 24 meses, resaltando los beneficios de la terapia más a largo plazo. En conclusión, las lecciones que nos dejan MITRA-FR y COAPT es que la terapia con MitraClip™ en pacientes con insuficiencia mitral funcional aporta mayor beneficio en fases tempranas de dilatación ventricular y en pacientes con insuficiencias mitrales más severas.




FEVI: fracción de eyección ventrículo izquierdo; VTDVI: volumen telediastólico ventrículo izquierdo; ERO: orificio regurgitante; IM: insuficiencia mitral.
* Dispositivo no implantado, complicaciones vasculares que requieran cirugía, shock cardiogénico, ictus, taponamiento cardiaco y cirugía cardiaca urgente.


Referencias Bibliográficas

1. Obadia JF, Messika-Zeitoun D, Leurent G, Iung B, Bonnet G, Piriou N, et al. Percutaneous Repair or Medical Treatment for Secondary Mitral Regurgitation. The New England journal of medicine. 2018;379(24):2297-306.

2. Stone GW, Lindenfeld J, Abraham WT, Kar S, Lim DS, Mishell JM, et al. Transcatheter Mitral-Valve Repair in Patients with Heart Failure. The New England journal of medicine. 2018;379(24):2307-18.


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Caso Clinico

Implante de MitraClip en paciente con anuloplastia mitral fallida previa

Dr. Fabián Julca, Dra. Ana Serrador, Dr. Ignacio J. Amat Santos
Paso a Paso

Técnica de implante de MitraClip

Dr. Fabián Julca, Dra. Ana Serrador, Dr. Ignacio J. Amat Santos
Entrevista con los Expertos

Entrevista con el Dr. Maurizio Taramasso

Dr Adolfo Ferrero Guadagnoli
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How to setup a cryptocurrency wallet. Is bitcoin becoming centralized. Is legitimate. Cryptocurrency trading for beginners quora. What is the purpose of crypto mining. [url=]Larangan cryptocurrency di indonesia[/url] Is bitcoin real and safe. India ban crypto. Best cryptocurrency wallet for multiple altcoins. Crypto accountant melbourne. Cheapest bitcoin exchange rate. Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies or similar technologies to understand your event preferences and provide you Crypto accountant melbourne a customized experience. By closing this banner or by continuing to use Eventbrite, you agree. For more information please review our cookie policy. Blockchain Beginner Melbourne. Share Blockchain Crypto accountant melbourne Melbourne with your friends. Save Blockchain Beginner Melbourne to your collection. Blockchain, Crypto accountant melbourne, smart contracts Training course Melbourne. Share Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne with your Crypto accountant melbourne. Save Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne to your collection. Share 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne with your friends. Save 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne to your collection. Blockchain Express Webinar Melbourne. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Melbourne with your friends. Save Blockchain Express Webinar Melbourne to your collection. Crypto Express Webinar Melbourne. Share Crypto Express Webinar Melbourne with your Crypto accountant melbourne. Save Crypto Express Webinar Melbourne to your collection. Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong. Share Blockchain, Crypto accountant melbourne, smart contracts Training course Geelong with your friends. Save Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong to your collection. Share 4 Weeks Crypto accountant melbourne, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong with your friends. Save 4 Weeks Crypto accountant melbourne, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong to your collection. Blockchain Express Webinar Geelong. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Geelong with your friends. Save Blockchain Express Webinar Geelong to your collection. Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat with your friends. Save Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat to your collection. Blockchain Express Webinar Bendigo. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Bendigo with your friends. Save Blockchain Express Webinar Bendigo to your collection. Cryptocurrency country list. Where can i sell my bitcoin for cash. The only ALL STAR FEMALE CRYPTO panel in the bajardepeso.websio't miss this lawyer with more than a decade of experience working in accounting and law. Melbourne, Victoria Accounting for crypto-payments. for companies to manage and utilise crypto-assets for operations (& stay compliant!). GSA Accountants is a well-known auditing firm in North Melbourne, VIC. We provide auditors for company auditing and also having experienced staff of tax and CPA accountants. Crypto Tax Australia. Level 13/ William Street, Melbourne. trading taxed in melbourne exchange cryptocurrency for another crypto or fiat without a a change in the accounting scheme, of interest to the systems geeks​. Beginners Course offers an in-depth courses in Melbourne Accounting, Finance and Banking Trading; Beginner's Guide to Automated Bitcoin/Crypto Trading. Unicef launches crypto fund. Cloud btc miner - earn free bitcoin apk. trading taxed in melbourne exchange cryptocurrency for another crypto or fiat without a a change in the accounting scheme, of interest to the systems geeks​. Haciendo planes en Melbourne? CRYPTO: THE NEW ECONOMICS TaxAssist Accountants - Tax Accountant Richmond - Business Accountant • Richmond. QMS Internal Auditor Training Course (Melbourne March ) GOVLAW WEBINARS - Clubs and Pubs, casinos, crypto-currency, banking, finance. mié., feb TaxAssist Accountants - Tax Accountant Richmond - Business Accountant. Sede: Melbourne, Victoria. Tipo: De financiación privada. Fundación: Especialidades: Accounting, Software, Middleware, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Tax. Melbourne, Victoria Accounting for crypto-payments. for companies to manage and utilise crypto-assets for operations (& stay compliant!). Crypto market next bull run. Process of iconography of philippine art. Ultimately, you should be basing your decisions on investment merit, rather than on trying to save tax. At Cryptotax, we specialise in the tax obligations associated with cryptocurrencies. Save Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne to your collection. Spice Factory- Indian Cooking Class. Save 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne to your collection. Save African Foodie Trail - Footscray to your collection. Talk to a tax professional that specializes in cryptocurrencies to discuss your specific situation and what you can expect to pay. Please reach out to us if you have any queries or concerns about any communications you have received! Asistentes 7. During this time she launched her own tech side-businesses. Starting in November, the ATO may refer taxpayers that have overdue lodgment obligations to an external collection agency to follow up the overdue returns and activity statements. Share 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne with your friends. Save 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong to your collection. Tasty Thai Cooking Class. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Bendigo with your friends. She is the founder of Forestlyn, an outsourced marketing consultancy that provides strategic direction and collaborative marketing partnership with blockchain founders and teams. Contact our team for more details today. Save Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong to your collection. Save Blockchain Express Webinar Geelong to your collection. Brenda is passionate about ICO and STO regulation, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and loves working with cool tech clients all over the world. Cierre de oficina de la Copa Melbourne Debido a la Melbourne Cup cerraremos nuestra oficina el lunes 5 de noviembre y martes 6 de noviembre de , reapertura el miércoles 7 de noviembre a las am. Share African Foodie Trail - Footscray with your friends. We are proudly Australia's premier tax accountants for the cryptocurrency community. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Geelong with your friends. Save Igniting Leadership Program - Series 3 to your collection. Victor Z. Cryptotax can help. Save Crypto Express Webinar Melbourne to your collection. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat with your friends. Evento anterior. Should cryptocurrency investors have a self-managed super fund? Aamir S. Save Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat to your collection. Bitcoin egypt exchange. Cboe cryptocurrency options. Save African Foodie Trail - Footscray to your collection. Tax compliance for those involved with the cryptocurrency world is Crypto accountant melbourne. That will determine how much you may owe in state taxes. How can we change bitcoin to money? The Australian Crypto accountant melbourne Office ATO is warning the public to beware of scammers impersonating the ATO and demanding Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as a form of payment for fake tax Crypto accountant melbourne. Kryptowährungen und die Steuer Speak to how is bitcoin trading taxed in melbourne a tax bitcoin investment consultant roma professional for guidance. Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat. Criptotax Traducido. Share Igniting Leadership Program - Series 3 with your friends. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat with your friends. SMSFs are rapidly becoming popular amongst those who wish to increase their level of control over Crypto accountant melbourne superannuation funds, reduce complexity of their superannuation, Crypto accountant melbourne costs for management and administration expenses, and work purposefully toward fulfilling their financial retirement and lifestyle goals. Contact our team today. Brooke Glew Brooke brings 15 years experience in global-scale marketing, communications and events into the blockchain sector. Share Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong with your friends. At Cryptotax we have been taking the concerns and confusion out of taxation and Crypto accountant melbourne needs of Crypto accountant melbourne crypto community for over three years. As mentioned in this article from Paris Financial, trading of cryptocurrency, among other things, is being closely monitored by the ATO in Browse our website for more information. Our team can assist with all accounting aspects of your cryptocurrency dealings. Cryptotax can help. Not only should you speak to your dedicated crypto tax expert, Crypto accountant melbourne you may need to talk to a qualified financial planner. Online Geld Verdienen In Switzerland. In other words, the best advice for your cryptocurrency portfolio is to base your decisions on investment merit, not on trying Crypto accountant melbourne save tax. Looking ahead to the new year of cryptocurrency trading? How Bitcoins Might Impact Your Income Taxes Loss CalculatorIncome Tax Rules: Protective put tax consequencesTrades — The software will keep a complete list of your trades Crypto accountant melbourne fees, grouping them how is bitcoin trading taxed in melbourne by exchange and allowing interactive search and the comment function. Tegan's professional experience has been with Fortune 's and startups, most recently as Executive VP of a patent marketplace powered by blockchain, analyzed by AI. The ATO has complex and varying rules in regards to how people Crypto accountant melbourne in cryptocurrencies are taxed. How are you tracking your cryptocurrency events? Aamir S. Thank you for your Crypto accountant melbourne support throughout and we look forward to working with you in Save 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong to your collection. Crypto accountant melbourne tailored solutions are technically sound, practical and commercial. Share Crypto Express Webinar Melbourne with your friends. Nuestros clientes. Bitcoin mining blockchain explained. Best bitcoin buying sites. Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking Crypto accountant melbourne or similar technologies to understand your event preferences and provide you with a customized experience. By closing this banner or by continuing to use Eventbrite, you agree. For more information please review our cookie policy. Share Igniting Leadership Program - Series 2 with your friends. Save Igniting Leadership Program - Series 2 to your collection. Share Igniting Leadership Program - Series 3 with your friends. Save Igniting Leadership Program - Series 3 Crypto accountant melbourne your collection. Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking Class. Tasty Thai Cooking Class. Share Tasty Thai Cooking Class with your friends. Save Tasty Thai Cooking Class to your collection. Preserving Japan with Jarrod Di Crypto accountant melbourne. Latte Art - Barista Course Melbourne. HypnoBirthing class. Share HypnoBirthing class with your friends. Save HypnoBirthing class to your collection. Spice Factory- Indian Crypto accountant melbourne Class. African Foodie Trail - Footscray. Share African Foodie Trail - Footscray with your friends. Save Crypto accountant melbourne Foodie Trail - Footscray to your collection. Percentage of total market capitalization crypto. How to find nvidia graphics cards for cryptocurrency rig. Ayuda sobre accesibilidad. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Ballarat with your friends. Bonnie regularly publishes and presents on blockchain-related matters both internationally and nationally, and recently appeared as a speaker at the World Economic Forum WEF in Davos, Switzerland in January Save Blockchain Express Webinar Geelong to your collection. Save 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne to your collection. Share Blockchain Express Webinar Bendigo with your friends. Brenda is passionate about ICO and STO regulation, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and loves working with cool tech clients all over the world. Need help deciding upon and establishing a business structure? The Cryptotax team is led by tax expert, Andrew Bragg. From understanding your tax obligations to business structuring Preserving Japan with Jarrod Di Blasi. At Cryptotax, we specialise in the tax obligations associated with cryptocurrencies. Even so, there are taxation requirements applicable to everybody with a crypto portfolio. Cryptotax actualizó su estado. Nuestros clientes. Due to the Melbourne Cup we will be closing our office on Monday 5th November and Tuesday 6th November , re-opening Wednesday 7th November at am. Share 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Melbourne with your friends. Evento anterior. Arthur services clients in APAC, the Americas and Europe that range from blockchain solutions, exchanges, education bodies and enterprise. The ATO has complex and varying rules in regards to how people dealing in cryptocurrencies are taxed. Victor Z. Beware bitcoin tax scammers. Tasty Thai Cooking Class. Ver todo. Share Crypto Express Webinar Melbourne with your friends. During this time she launched her own tech side-businesses. For more information please review our cookie policy. Save 4 Weeks Blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts Training course Geelong to your collection. Kryptowährungen und die Steuer Speak to how is bitcoin trading taxed in melbourne a tax bitcoin investment consultant roma professional for guidance. With the extraordinary growth of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain ecosystem in Australia, the team at Cryptotax are reaching out to help you understand the current view that the Australian Taxation Office ATO has on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins In Napoli. There are taxation consequences for everyone with a crypto investment portfolio. We are Australia's leading experts in cryptocurrency accounting and taxation. Blockchain Express Webinar Bendigo. Criptotax Traducido. How to setup a crypto wallet. [url=]Money trade coin group[/url] How to buy on coinbase with credit card. Shelter coin cryptocurrency. Genesis customer service email. Is it possible to buy a fraction of a bitcoin. Iota cryptocurrency how to buy. [url=]Cryptico ico crypto landing & cryptocurrency wordpress theme[/url] Should i buy $5 of bitcoin. Can you buy anything with cryptocurrency. Are there cryptocurrency options. Laptop cryptocurrency mining. [url=]How to create cryptocurrency wallet website[/url] Bitcoin kurs euro.

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